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Here is where you will find a wide variety of information to help you live healthier. From delicious and nutritious recipes to useful information on preventive health care. Every month we will feature a healthy recipe, an article on preventive health care, stress reduction tips, and a member of the Parkview Huntington Family YMCA that's our  "Member of the Month".

Member of the Month - July 2017

Congratulations Myra Witte!

Myra was our power user for the month of May. What does that mean? She checked into the Parkview Huntington Family YMCA more often than any other member. We asked Myra if she’d be willing to share a few tips and her YMCA story.

Myra is a super-fit mother of two. When asked what keeps her motivated she simply states it is about that great feeling after a workout. As an ex-runner Myra currently relies on Cardio Blast classes to get her cardio in. She feels like having others expect you to be in class is a great way to be held accountable. She also loves the weight room and seeing how weight lifting has gotten her the results she wants keeps her going. She finds additional motivation online and uses social media such as Instagram or bodybuilding.com as resources when putting her workouts together.

Talking to Myra right after her morning workout it was obvious that she is really having fun and she adds that so do her kids when they come in and spend time in child watch. Thanks, Myra for being our July 2017 "Member of the Month".

Recipe of the Month - June 2017

Try this Chocolate Zuchini Muffin recipe. This easy-to-make, budget-friendly recipe is a healthy option for breakfast on-the-go or an after-dinner snack. Bonus: it’s kid-friendly in the kitchen (with adult supervision)! 

Stress Busters of the Month - June 2017

Yoga more, Stress less. Yoga offers many health benfits such as stress reduction, improved fitness, and a reduced risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, according to the Mayo Clinic's recent publication "Yoga, fight stress and find serenity". Did you know we offer several yoga classes to include adaptive yoga for active older adults? Try one of our classes and experience the health benefits of yoga for yourself.

Library Corner - Recommended Article of the Month June 2017

Do you know the 15 Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors ? Great article by Everyday Health Media, LLC!

According to the New York Times you can Boost Your Workouts with Caffeine even if You Chug Coffee Daily , some interesting information for athletes and anybody struggling to find the energy to exercise.