Welcome to your Parkview Huntington Family YMCA's Health and Fitness Program! 

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We offer a variety of group exercises classes, personal training packages, and small exercise groups. Our Summer 2017 Schedule is here! Please see our Group Exercise Schedule and Class Descriptions below. 


Achieve the health that you desire with the assistance of a YMCA personal trainer.  Our group trainings and classes make personal training affordable, as well as allowing for camaraderie with other members.

One on One Personal Training


Personal Training in Groups of Two & Three

$100 per person per 7-week session (1.5 hrs/wk) - Based on your schedule.     

12-Week Personal Fitness Program

Join the list of success stories!  Your personal fitness coach will design a workout specifically for your needs, and monitor your progress daily.   During your 12-week program, you will meet with your personal fitness coach 4 times to discuss goals and find a plan of action that will help you attain your fitness goals.  $60 per 12-week session, $100 per couple.       

For more information on personal training, download our Personal Training Brochure or contact Scott Craft.


Body Sculpting (Group Strength Training) 

$60 per 7-week session. Advanced strength training techniques will be utilized to help you attain the body you want.

Minimum of 4 participants. Class meets twice a week. The following times are offered:

Tuesday & Thursday - 6:00 AM // Tuesday & Thursday - 12:00 PM // Monday & Wednesday - 7:00 AM // Monday & Wednesday - 9:00 AM //

Max Effort

$ 60 per 7-week session. Intense full-body training and abs designed to fit into your lunch hour.

Class meets three times a week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 12:00 PM


$60 per 7-week session.  Class specializes in cross training. Participants will experience a structured program that is different each day and each week. Cardio is different each day as well, and will include kickboxing, running drills, stair climbing, jump rope, and more. Strength training will consist of body weight exercises, free weights, and selected strength machines.  Participants will work every muscle group at least once per week.  Women and Men are welcome!

30 min classes are offered Monday, Wednesday & Friday at the following times: 5:00 AM // 5:30 AM // 7:00 AM // 8:30 AM // 9:00 AM // 4:00 PM // 6:00 PM

We also offer Y-fit specifically for Active Older Adults: This class meets Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 8:00 AM ($50/7-week session) 



Thinking about getting back into exercise or running your first 5K? Training programs like the one below make it possible. Our expert personal trainers will ensure you progress steadily and safely while working towards longlasting change. They will put together the right combination of cardio and strength work to keep you active, healthy, and committed to your goals. Email Scott.Craft@huntingtony.org to get connected with your YMCA personal trainer.