The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access. 



(Two adults plus dependents up to 18 yrs old, and/or children in college full-time up to 23 yrs old. Proof of shared residence required.)

    Enrollment Fee:  $75

    Monthly Bank Draft:  $63 beginning January 1, 2022

*Adult Add-on fee - Additional adults may be added to the Household or Senior Family memberships for $20 per person. (Proof of shared residence required.)

Adult Individual

    Enrollment Fee:  $75

    Monthly Bank Draft:  $41 beginning January 1, 2022

Single Parent Family

(unmarried one parent households only)

    Enrollment Fee:  $75

    Monthly Bank Draft:  $45 beginning January 1, 2022

Senior (65 or over)

    Enrollment Fee:  $75

    Monthly Bank Draft:  $35 beginning January 1, 2022

Senior Family (One member 65 or over no children.)

    Enrollment Fee:  $75

    Monthly Bank Draft:  $45 beginning January 1, 2022

*Adult Add-on fee - Additional adults may be added to the Household or Senior Family memberships for $20 per person

Youth & College (6-18yrs. in high school up to 23 years in full-time college showing mandatory proof of 12 credit hours twice per year)

    Enrollment Fee:  $49

    Monthly Bank Draft:  $22 beginning January 1, 2022

Bank Draft Membership Agreement

  1. The YMCA reserves the right to change membership rates.  Current members will receive a written notice of rate change at least 30 days prior to the new rate taking effect at the mailing address on record as provided by the member. Bank draft members must notify the YMCA of any address changes.  A 30 day notice is also required when changing banks or making other changes that would affect the bank draft agreement, including expired or expiring credit cards.
  2. Membership cards are for control purposes only.  Membership cards are to be picked up at the front desk and must be swiped each time the member enters the facility. Replacement cards are available to members for $5. Cards are not to be shared and members caught sharing are subject to termination of membership privieges.
  3. Monthly Bank Draft: You authorize your bank to automatically pay your monthly membership dues. Draft continues until you cancel in writing and turn in your membership cards. Thirty days notice is required when changing banks, accounts, credit cards or canceling a bank draft membership. Joiner’s fees will be charged for anyone lapsing more than 30 days on any membership. The YMCA accepts Master Card and Visa and Discover for your convenience.
  4. The monthly payment program commits members to a minimum of 12 months, however your membership will automatically continue after the 12-month period until canceled in writing with no less than 30 days notice. If your membership lapses for more than 30 days it will be considered a new membership and subject to payment of the enrollment fee upon rejoining.
  5. Members must maintain sufficient funds for their draft to be covered until it is officially cancelled and a thirty day notice is given.  If there are insufficient funds to cover your draft, your bank will likely charge a fee.  The YMCA will charge a $20 fee for any returned bank drafts.

Financial Assistance Policy

No person shall be denied YMCA participation due to the inability to pay fees. The YMCA uses Federal Guidelines as a resource in determining scholarships. Financial assistance scholarships are available, subject to qualification and personal need.  For more information, go to our "Membership for All" page, and/or contact

Youth Policy 

 As a Y member, you get many benefits from your membership:

  • One FREE meeting with a YMCA Wellness Coach
  • Access to the best group exercise classes in Huntington
  • Use of the only 2 pools and Steam Room in town
  • Use of our 2 gymnasiums and Racquetball/Wallyball court
  • Unlimited chat time with friends - we are one of Huntington gathering places.
  • Use of our indoor track
  • Free ChildWatch (Play and Learn) for young children
  • Belonging to a Community-based, Family-friendly, Cause-driven Organization and much much more.......

Get a friend or neighbor to join and have them be your workout partner!


Any member of the Parkview Huntington Family YMCA may bring in a guest. Daily fees

are $5.00 for a child, $10.00 for an adult and $20.00 for a family.


“By participating in the YMCA Nationwide Membership Program, I agree to release the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America, and its independent and autonomous member associations in the United States and Puerto Rico, from claims of negligence for bodily injury or death in connection with the use of YMCA facilities, and from any liability for other claims, including loss of property, to the fullest extent of the law.”