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The Glen S Hummer Swim Reunion is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2012. Here is the schedule of events for the evening:

5:30 pm    Social Hour -- meet with old friends, families, and teammates of the past

6:30 pm    Dinner

Cost: $20 / person

RSVP by calling the Y, 260-359-9622 or email,

We are also trying to locate your teammates and former coaches. Please use the "Contact" portion of this website to reach one of the Y staff to relay any contact information you may have for "lost" teammates or coaches.

The reunion will be held the same day as this year's Hummer Mile swimming competition. The Mile is taking place at Lake Clare and runs all day. For more information or to register for this year's race, visit

Hummer Swimmer survey 

Help the Y fill in some of our history questions by completing this survey. Thanks!


Reminder --- next year is the Y's 100th anniversary, our Centennial Celebration. Watch for more information about events during 2013 and let us know if you have any special ideas for our 100th birthday.