Wednesday, September 07, 2016 | Posted in

If you’ve visited us recently you may have seen a change in what was previously our racquetball courts. This space has been transformed into our brand new Movement Studio! 

Along with housing dance and martial arts, this area is now equipped with with a new system called, BEAM. So, what is BEAM?

BEAM uses projection technology that transforms any flat surface into an interactive play space. This interactive game system grabs attention and allows children to play while being visually and physically involved. 

Right before your eyes you will witness the floor transform into a new world. Whether it’s keeping the invading animals from taking over your space, or playing a song on a giant keyboard - adventure awaits. 

We would love to show you this awesome tool in action - stop in and see us!

To learn more about the company behind BEAM - follow this link to view the website and video demonstrations.