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Be sure to check out the PROGRAM/VIRTUAL WORKOUTS page here on our website to get connected to Y360 video options, the link to the FREE Les Mills On-Demand workouts as well as the link to our YMCA YouTube Channel. You can get to that page on our website by clicking HERE!

If you have access to Facebook and Instagram be sure to "like" and "follow" us to keep connected with additional workouts, resources and ideas to keep you and your entire family moving and learning. Follow this link to FACEBOOK.

Since our "Facebook Live" was so popular last week AND because we miss seeing YOU, we have put together the following Facebook Live schedule which started today, Monday, March 30th!

We'd love for you to join a few of our very own instructors as these workouts happen live. If you are unable to do the workout at these posted times, you may go to our Facebook page at any time and scroll through, find the videos and join (or rejoin again) as your schedule allows!