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Jerry is a long time member of the YMCA family. For Jerry, staying fit is a way of life. Living in Roanoke he had the choice of a couple different Y locations, but Jerry’s decision was simple. “The Fort Wayne Y was friendly, but the Huntington Y was like family,” said Jerry. “Everyone just cares a little more.”

Jerry attends the Y several times a week and likes to start his day early, with his preferred routine being a walk on the track, followed by a rotation on the machines, and some laps in the pool. But if you ask him his favorite thing about going to the Y, he may tell you it’s the coffee.

What you may not know about Jerry is that he lost his arm in the early 1970’s. It was a rare case, in fact, one that the doctors had not seen before. Jerry was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, a cancer in the blood cells, which had affected the bone in his left hand and resulted in amputation. 

“Having one arm isn’t a handicap, it actually gives me all the more reason to go to the Y,” said Jerry. “Staying fit is like eating and sleeping, it’s a necessity. And there are very few things at the Y that I can’t do.”

When he’s not at the Y, he enjoys living in Roanoke with his wife, where you will often find them babysitting for their two grandchildren. In the winter, you can find him in Florida soaking up three months of sunshine.

When asked for some final advice to be given to anyone reading this story who may need some motivation, Jerry’s response was simple. “Pray.” 

Stay tuned for more member profiles in the weeks to come. Interested in becoming a member of the Huntington County YMCA? Click here for more information.