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April 17, 2020

Parkview Huntington YMCA Members,

In line with Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order, we will keep our facility closed through May 1st.  During this time we will continue to have our phones open from 11-1, MWF.  Admittedly, there are numerous questions that we just don’t have answers to at this time.  Programs, teams, and special events all have many unknowns and decisions that will be made in the coming weeks. 

One thing I can promise you, every decision we make is for the good of our members and the safety of our community.  We are champing at the bit to get back to serving you, but we must be certain that we handle this in the most socially responsible manner possible. If you placed a hold on your membership, you will remain on hold until we reopen.

I am eternally grateful to those of you that have remained active through the month of April.  We have been able to keep our staff busy and on payroll. During the shutdown, we have completed numerous projects within the Y, both on maintenance and overdue upkeep and behind the scenes administrative tasks, all of which add value to your membership.

I want you to meet Dave Pearson, our Property Director.  (see picture below)

During this mandatory shutdown, Dave and several team members have worked endlessly to improve the efficiency of our mechanical systems as well as the functionality and cleanliness of our facility. Some of these projects include:

·         Cleaning, sanitizing, painting

·         Replaced sand in the pool filter system and repaired several related items.  (Pools are cleaner than ever!)   

·         Installed new lighting system in preschool, locker rooms, and restrooms

·         Installed LED lights throughout the building (95% of our facility is now LED)

·         Repaired leaks in our HVAC system & pool system

·         Installed new chemical controller on HELP Therapy Pool

·         Upgraded telephones and phone system

·         New Internet Network (faster and more reliable connections throughout the building)

·         Freshened up our landscaping with new river rock

·         Fence around dumpster area being repaired/replaced

·         Play and Learn has a new secure design to protect our toddlers and infants


Keep fighting the good fight for two more weeks.  Imagine the lives we are saving with our efforts!  One of those could be a loved one or someone close to you.  We will come back stronger with a renewed sense of community.  On that day, we will be ready to serve you.


Todd Latta
CEO – Parkview Huntington Family YMCA


Dave Pearson - Property Director