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This Saturday, June 18th, the Y is hosting the first ever Y Stock Arts and Music Festival from 3 to 5 pm.

This year, the Y has some new Summer Camp offerings. Art Camp and Show Choir Camp are becoming tremendous success stories. Both have wonderful participation with Art Camp boasting 44 children and Show Choir Camp adding an additional 20 campers to our Y activities. To give these talented kids something to work towards, we came up with Y Arts and Music Festival showcasing our young talent.

During this week, both Art and Show Choir Camps, along with Dance Camp, have been working on something to display or perform for Y Stock.

Our Dance Campers will perform first at Y Stock with a routine they have perfected over the first 2 weeks of Summer Break.

The Art Campers have had a full 5 days to come up with beautiful and creative designs and paintings for everyone attending Y Stock to enjoy......and they have done an AMAZING job! All of their artwork will be displayed in the gymnasium and hallway outside the gym.

Our Show Choir Camp has been working on a 10 minute performance of ELVIS songs. It is incredible they could put together such a show in only 1 5-day week.........Quite a talented bunch!

Finally, the Remony, a local band, will bring their talents to the stage and entertain everyone with their melodic tunes. Expect the Remony to begin their set around 3:45 - 4 pm.


Plan on stopping by this Heritage Days Weekend and supporting all their hard work. See you at the Y between 3 - 5 pm.