Welcome to the YMCA SCHOOL OF DANCE! 

Fall 2022 registration remains open!  See the details following.  Click HERE to see the fall weekly schedule.


Following are the Fall 2022 costs: 

Members: $128 / semester (includes costume fee)

Community: $208 / semester (includes costume fee)

Pay in full or monthly bank draft of $32 for members / $52 for community. 

Financial assistance is available, and fees are disounted if taking multiple classes and/or multiple family members are taking dance.



Dance Class Attire 

Students can order their dance class attire (leotards, shoes, tights, etc.) at

www.curtainforclass.com for a discounted rate.

Studio Name: HuntingtonYMCA Huntington IN

Studio Password: Ready4Dance

School of Dance Apparel Order Form

Dance Class Descriptions


Jazz is a form of modern dance.  Its movements can be very unpredictable, either being slow and graceful or quick and abrupt with leaps and jumps.  This dance class will teach flexibility, coordination, and strength while keeping the rhythm to a variety of music.


Street Jazz is a combination of Jazz and Hip Hop.  Combining the flexibility and flow of jazz, with its leaps and turns and mixing with the quick and deliberate moves from hip hop.  This class will be challenging and fun.


Hip hop dance refers to a wide range of dance styles such as breaking, popping, locking and krumping.  Hip hop involves a lot of free style moves and is practiced both in a dance studio as well as on the street.  It is physically challenging with its quick, intentional moves but is very rewarding.  We have guys who are on this dance team and love to pop and lock.  This class will keep you current with the latest dance moves and keep you cool on the dance floor.


Tap dancers are known to wear a special shoe with metal plates on the sole.  Tap dancers tend to be lighter on their feet while dancing out the melody of a song.  Many different types of music can be used for tap.


Forget what you have heard about wooden shoes and hair buns.  Clogging is a fast paced dance and has a lot of similarities to tap, but has a different style. Tap dancers tend to be lighter on their feet and tap out the melody.  Clogging is a heavier sound and taps out the beat.  Our shoes consist of a metal double tap instead of a single tap to emphasize the sounds of our feet.  We dance to country, pop, hip hop and more.  


Ballet is one of the world’s most graceful dance styles.  Our classes teach the basic techniques of traditional ballet.   We can use a variety of music for our classes taking this style from classic to modern.  We offer a pre-ballet class that will teach the very basics of the dance while allowing creative movement from each dancer.  It is an introductory class that will help open the child’s eyes to the world of dance.  Our ballet classes after this will teach more terminology, proper body technique while becoming stronger, more flexible and agile.


This class requires students have at least 1 year jazz or ballet. Lyrical dance style has its primary basis in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary, and modern dance.  Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic.


This class requires students have at least 1 year of jazz AND ballet. This type of dance is performed in high heels, which are also required for this class.


This class is for participants 18 years and older. Ballroom dance is based on partner dances, performed socially and competitively worldwide.  Some common North American ballroom styles include the waltz, tango, cha-cha, rumba, foxtrot and east coast swing.  (NOT OFFERED FOR FALL 2022)


This project is made possible by the Indiana Arts Commission, Arts United Of Greater Fort Wayne and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.