KIM League Basketball & Cheerleading. Join us for our 56th year in 2020-21!

***If you qualify for FREE or Reduced lunches, you may qualify for financial assistance for Kim League. Please ask the front desk or check our website for information about how we can help. Our goal is to make sure every child that wants to play will have that opportunity. 

4th and 5th Grade COED Divisions - Basketball 

*Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are only able to offer small grade divisions at a time. Grade divisions not offered this session, will be offered after Christmas Break*

Fundamental Division-for the beginner/intermediate player that wants to work on building skills and gaining knowledge of the game of basketball all while having fun

               -Practices 1 time a week for 1 hour beginning the week of October 26th

               -5 Game season beginning Saturday, November 7th

                              *YMCA Members-$40                                   *Non Members-$60

Competitive Division-for the intermediate/advanced player that wants to continue building/gaining skills at a higher level of competition all while having fun

               -Practices 1 time a week for 1 hour beginning the week of October 26th

               -5 Game season beginning Saturday, November 7th

               -1 Day End-Of-Season Tournament (Saturday, December 19th)

                              *YMCA Members-$50                                   *Non Members-$70


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Click "register" in the upper right corner of website to register or go HERE (registration is open through October 11).  You can also contact the Y front desk and complete registration over the phone!



NOTE: Registration for PreK, Kind/1st, 2nd/3rd and Middle School basketball age divisions will open November 23rd.

2020-21 CHEER for Grades 3,4,5:  



Pre-K - details & dates yet to be announced

         Practices held immediately prior to games  

Kindergarten/1st  - details & dates yet to be announced

2nd/3rd Grade - details & dates yet to be announced

Middle School (6th-8th Grade—COED Division) - details and dates yet to be announced.


Celebrating our 56th year of KIM League Basketball in 2020-21

KIM League Basketball is beginning its 56th year of developing young boys and girls into better players and even better people. With the help of over 100 volunteers and workers, KIM League Basketball now includes nearly 500 kids and almost 60 teams. is where you can find game schedules, Coach information, and rules for each league. Please use this resource as a tool to help keep you informed.


KIM League Rules (All Divisions) - 2019-2020 - CHECK BACK FOR 2020-21 UPDATES FOR RULES
PreK - Kindergarten (Coed)
1st/2nd Grade (Coed)
3rd/4th Grade Boys and Girls
5th Grade Boys
5th/6th Grade Girls
Middle School (Coed)

A Brief History

KIM League Basketball originally was started by Ez Williams, a lifelong basketball fan, as the Y Midget League. A basketball league for boys in the 4th - 6th grades. Here is a little of the "rest of the story".

Ez and Laberta Williams

One year, after returning home from the Huntington Basketball Sectional, and watching Huntington High School lose to one of the "County" teams, Ez decided something needed to be done to get Huntington High back to winning Sectionals. His plan was to start a boys basketball league in town. An organized, competitive league where boys would learn the basics of the game and develop their skill set. He found a willing partner in the Y and began the Midget League basketball program in 1958.

During the 1963-64 Midget League season, a young boy named Kim Howenstine collapsed while playing in a game at the Y. Kim died a few months later of brain cancer. His impact on the Midget League and more specifically, on Ez Williams, became evident when it was proposed the league be renamed "KIM League". For the 1964-65 season and from then on, the Y's basketball program has been called the KIM League. KIM League basketball has been instrumental in encouraging players to work hard and dedicate themselves to being better players and even better teammates.

One man's beautiful vision of kids learning, growing, and improving together has become an iconic sports program for our Community.

Thanks Ez.