Dick Floyd Memorial Scholarship

Dick Floyd Memorial Scholarship

Dick Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund

The YMCA exists to serve and strengthen our community and help all people reach their full potential. Richard (Dick) L. Floyd was a lifetime member of the YMCA, often bragging that he “learned to swim for $.10″ at the Y in downtown Huntington.

Mr. Floyd was born in Rockford, Indiana, and moved to Huntington during his childhood. Upon graduation from Huntington High School in 1946, he voluntarily joined the Merchant Marines U.S. Coast Guard, where he served for two years. This is where he developed a love of being on the water. Upon returning home, he worked on the Erie Railroad before eventually joining his father’s insurance agency, where he settled into his lifetime career. He was often seen shooting baskets upstairs and swimming laps at the downtown Y. Sailing was his passion. He owned four sailboats during his lifetime, learning to sail on Lake Wawasee and frequently navigating the waters of Lake Michigan. Upon retiring from sailing, he donated his sailboat to the Huntington YMCA, and the proceeds from its sale helped to fund the construction of the new Parkview Huntington YMCA as it exists today.

Mr. Floyd believed in the YMCA and there is no doubt that the Y had a significant impact on the man that he strived to be during his lifetime. Although I did not personally know him, I do know that he believed in us because he has entrusted us with his life’s work. The Richard L. Floyd Memorial Scholarship has been created with a gift from Mr. Floyd’s estate as an effort to support our employees’ continuing education and personal development. My goal is to honor him and ensure his legacy lives on by continuing to develop people that believe in our work.

About our work; Nothing of significance ‘just happens’ at the Y. The facility is simply walls and equipment. It’s the people that are dedicated to our cause that create a lasting impact on others. As YMCA staff and volunteers, it is our responsibility to make sure that impact is positive, brings out the best in people, and helps them reach their full potential. We have dedicated our time here “To create positive experiences that help people thrive”, as indicated in our strategic operating plan.

Annually there are opportunities for Parkview Huntington Family YMCA employees to apply for scholarship funds through the Dick Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Click HERE to access the online application. For specific questions, please review the scholarship specifics and eligibility criteria HERE. After review of these documents, contact Todd Latta, CEO at [email protected] if additional guidance is needed.