Wellness Center Info

Wellness Center Info

Our Wellness Center is stocked with lots of equipment for member use and our Fitness Staff are here to help you succeed.

Meet with a Wellness Coach to get started! They are here to…
you with our building, programming, and policies
HELP you navigate the Wellness Center and fitness equipment
CONNECT you with activities that are beneficial to your wellness journey
ENSURE you are getting the most out of your YMCA membership

This is a service that’s included in your YMCA membership!
Call us or stop at the Front Desk to schedule your FREE appointment.

Equipment Available for Member Use

Free Weight Equipment
6 (45lb) Olympic bars
1 (35lb) bar
1 deadlift bar and station with mirror
2 squat racks
2 flat bench presses
1 incline bench press
Pre-weighted bars 20lbs to 100lbs
1 sm. trap bar and 1 lg. trap bar
Hammer bar
Swivel bar
Preacher curl bar and station
Olympic weight plates 2.5lbs to 45lbs
1 set of dumbbells 1lb to 50lbs
2 sets of dumbbells 1lb to 100lbs

Plate-Loaded Machines
Smith machine
Plate loaded leg press
Power squat
Prime lat pull down
Cybex shoulder press
Hammer Strength seated row
Hammer Strength iso-lateral chest/back
T-bar row
Hoist roc-abs
Seated calf raise

Selectorized Strength Machines
4 pin-loaded cable stations (with a variety of attachments)
2 Kinesis cable machines
Assisted pull up machine
Assisted triceps dip machine
Laying leg curl
Inner/outer thigh machine
Leg press
Leg extension
Seated Leg curl
Horizontal leg curl
4-way multi-hip
Lat Pull Down
Seated Row
Pectoral fly
Chest press
Shoulder press
Arm curl
Arm extension
Lower back extension
Total abdominal

Cardio Equipment
Standing Ellipticals
Upright and recumbent stationary bikes
Stair climbers
Seated elliptical
ARC trainer
AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer)
SCI FIT upper body exerciser

Additional Equipment
GHD (Glute Ham Developer)
Back extension bench
Captains chair
2 abdominal decline benches
4 flat benches
1 incline bench
1 incline/decline bench
2 (90 degree) seated benches
Box jump platforms
Hanging punching bag
Battle rope
Infinity rope
Stability balls
Balance trainer (half) balls
Kettlebells (5lb-44lbs)
Weighted slam balls
Medicine balls
Angled trampoline for med. ball toss
TRX straps
Jump ropes
resistance bands
Lifting belts